Does crossbow do more damage than a bow?

Although both weapons deal a decent amount of damage, the crossbow deals a little more damage than the bow. Crossbows have a long range and more damage. If you want to stay safe and at the same time attack enemies, then look for a crossbow. But if your survival strategy requires less charging time, then the bow is for you.

Crossbows are much weaker than bows at this time, since they don't receive the power enchantment, and being able to hit multiple targets doesn't change much. They said there's going to be a rebalance later on. The Power V bow deals 25 damage, and one shoots all mobs with 12.5 hearts or less. The only way to make a shot with the crossbow is to hit all 3 arrows with the Multishot enchantment.

The damage caused by a weapon is one of the most important factors for your survival in Minecraft, since it can help you kill different mobs in less time compared to those weapons that have less damage. Here the crossbow does slightly more damage than the bow, even though both weapons cause considerable damage. The bow deals a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 points of attack damage, while the crossbow deals a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 11 points of attack damage. Crossbows are similar to bows, but they take longer to load and are a little more powerful, firing farther with slightly higher accuracy.

Alternatively, they can be charged with a fireworks rocket, which flies in a straight line. Any loaded ammunition is retained from the crossbow in the first slot, but is sacrificed from the crossbow in the second slot. So far I have only talked about pvp to prove that crossbows are not useless, but I agree that crossbows are too weak in pve. Considering that the crossbow is made with two pieces of iron (one for trap wire hook, one in the recipe) and only one string less than a normal bow, I would expect the crossbow to always be able to keep up with normal bows.

In PvP I often have a crossbow next to my sword so I can get good combos using my sword and then my crossbow. I wish they would make crossbows faster to shoot on the mobile, having to hold them down makes them much slower than they already are, I love crossbows, but there has to be a way to shoot them faster there, I was thinking they should have a button that says shoot (like the one with the fishing rod) and it shoots instantly when you touch it. The crossbow doesn't seem to have the distance indicated on the minecon, I shot a bow and a crossbow in the same place and the arrow and the distance are exactly the same. Combined with crossbow bolts that follow a shallower arc and travel faster, the crossbow could be an effective weapon at a distance, as long as even the bows are not useful.

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