Is the crossbow useful in witcher 3?

There are several types of bolts available for use with the crossbow. Drop flying enemies with a single shot. The standard crossbow you'll get at the beginning of The Witcher 3 may not be very powerful, but you don't have to worry about that, as throughout the game you'll find many crossbows that would be much better and more useful than this one. Players can obtain the common or standard crossbow, one of the early crossbows of Witcher 3, either by looting or buying.

The base price of this crossbow ranges from 22 to 28 crowns and the selling price is 3 to 7 crowns. The best crossbow you can equip is the ursina crossbow or the feline crossbow due to its 15% extra experience with monsters. This can be very useful when trying to level up faster. Unfortunately, Warlock Crossbows don't have legendary versions in New Game+ and can't be upgraded to a higher rarity to unlock the Warlock set bonus.

We've listed the best crossbows in Witcher 3 for players to choose as they play, because God knows how many times. The use of crossbows underwater will ensure a one-shot death against the drowned, regardless of the damage of the crossbow. The base price of the Skellige crossbow is 200 clowns, while the price to buy this crossbow is 418 clowns. Keep reading to learn more about which crossbow has the best stats you can equip in the game.

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