What is the most powerful crossbow in witcher 3?

The best crossbow you can equip is the ursina crossbow or the feline crossbow due to its 15% extra experience with monsters. I've thought about this and I'm not sure. Ursina Crossbow gives you +5% Critical Hit Chance, but it doesn't appear on the statistics screen. Whether equipped or not, none of the critical hit chance values change.

Ignoring that fact, it seems that Ursine and Feline have the best statistics on the role of the game right now. I have looted some higher-level ones that are only behind for about -1 damage, but they don't have the extra stats that the sorcerer school have. We've listed the best crossbows in Witcher 3 for players to choose as they play, because God knows how many times. That said, there are a couple of different types of crossbows in the game and one of the best is easily the Ursine crossbow, which cannot be improved but has a very high attack of 210%.

Crossbow (Master) Information Master Level Crossbow Type Loot Source Varies Attributes Effect (s) +103-190% Attack Power. Crossbow (Common) Information Level Common Type Crossbow Source The Beast from the White Garden Weight 0.77 Value Base 22 - 28 Attributes Effect (s) +101% Attack Power. The base price of the Skellige crossbow is 200 clowns, while the price to buy this crossbow is 418 clowns. The standard crossbow you'll get at the beginning of The Witcher 3 may not be very powerful, but you don't have to worry about that, as throughout the game you'll find many crossbows that would be much better and more useful than this one.

Information about the crossbow (relic) Relic type Crossbow Source of loot Weight 1.25 Attributes Effect (s) +200% Attack Power +1-2% Adrenaline Point Gain +1-10% Extra Monster Experience +1-10% Extra Human and Non-Human Experience.

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