Which excalibur crossbow is the quietest?

The Scorpyd RDT 125 is the quietest I've ever shot. It's as quiet as my Hoyt compound bows. Overall Rating 4.3.Overall score 4.8 Looks like I shot him with a high-powered rifle. Everything you want your deer harvesting machine to be.

It's not a purchase you'll regret, the EXCALIBUR CROSSBOW Null ruins almost everything else out there. You just need to learn what that distance is. The only complaint was the manufacturer's assembly instructions. It's a little hard for my son to have a cock, but he loves it.

I was adjusting the elevation when I noticed the whole set starting to fall apart. The boys were very excited when they received them. A couple of inches at about 30-40 yards. Great shooting bow for the price.

The Ravin R29X and Excalibur Assassin 400 TD receive high marks in this category, but for opposite reasons. The Ravin is the lightest and most compact crossbow in the test, even with a built-in crank handle. Although the Excalibur is wider when assembled, it can be disassembled and put into a smaller cover than a duffel bag. The worst group was expelled due to human error, and we averaged the two best groups for the final score.

The Excalibur Assassin 400 TD had the best average, but the five crossbow shooting groups are effective enough for any hunter. To measure speed, we fired three shots with each crossbow through a ProChrono Pal Chron-ograph from Competition Electronics. The average of the speeds was calculated to determine the net score. While this category may seem to leave no room for subjectivity, there are also variables in this case.

For example, the TenPoint Vapor RS470 fired the 465-grain CenterPunch arrow included in the package at 428 fps. The Ravin R29X shot the included 400-grain arrow at 451 fps. When switching to TenPoint's ProElite 400-grain arrow, the speeds were almost identical. Micro Suppressor delivers classic brand performance in a compact, microencapsulated package.

It's designed to be fast and maneuverable while remaining as quiet as possible. Hunters who are undercover, in a closed position, or coming out of a blind will want to take a closer look at this effective and quiet weapon. The sound dampening system of the Micro Suppressor keeps each shot quiet thanks to its clamping spring and rubber footboard. The silencers of the recoil anti-vibration system reduce all vibrations and noise, making it quiet and deadly.

Suppressed sounds are ideal for hunters in enclosed spaces who need to keep sound to a minimum. In addition to its noise suppression features, the Micro Suppressor also has a solid riser with CRT Gen 2 members that launch 10.2-inch power shock bolts. A ready-to-rest stock is equipped with an ambidextrous cheek piece, rubber grip inserts and oversized finger guards for added feel and control. A dry fire protection system is included for added safety along with a Picatinny rail for accessories and a quick-release quiver system for quick reloads.

Comes with an illuminated sight, three feather arrows, a rope cocking aid and a quiver and stand for hanging in X of three arrows. Hunters looking for quality power and performance need look no further than the Assassin. With a durable recurve design, it's ideal for hunters who want some power behind their arrows when launching. Customizable and adjustable, the Assassin is everything you want.

The Assassin's recurve design allows it to shoot arrows with immense energy and power with every shot. The curve is easy to maintain and maintains proper string alignment for greater accuracy. The ten-point sound suppression system combined with the recurve design results in a high-performance crossbow. The most expensive crossbow on our list, the Assassin, is a modernized full-size weapon that comes fully loaded with additional features.

For hunters or bow enthusiasts who want the full offer in a crossbow package, the Assassin is the bow for you. The Matrix Bulldog 400 has breakneck speed and immense power. The fame of Matrix Bulldog 400 is the way it delivers lightning at a breakneck speed of 400 fps. Its incredibly flat shooting trajectory and excellent range result in a high quality and high precision weapon.

Due to its design, this weapon is capable of handling big game. The Matrix Bulldog 400 has a dry fire protection system for safety reasons, an illuminated visor with 30 mm rings and string suppressors to reduce vibration, shock and noise. The rope itself is a premium material that increases speed and service life while reducing creep. This crossbow package also includes a bull-pup stock, finger guards, a pistol grip with thumb hole and non-slip rubber inserts for close reach and better balance.

An ambidextrous cheek piece, a four-ray quiver, four Diablo arrows and a cocking rope complete the package. While at the top end of the market, the Matrix Bulldog 400 is a fully packaged option that houses an immense amount of power and speed in an easy-to-operate weapon. For archery or hunting, this is a perfect option and worth the money spent. Performance, stealth and strength characterize the Assassin 360 Strata.

Its recurve design and high precision mimic the original version of the more complete throat in the traditional Assassin model. Easy to maintain and fun to shoot, the 360 Strata is one of the best competitive options from the company Excalibur. The Assassin 360 Strata includes an integrated crank aid for easy loading and an equalization trigger that feels like a modern rifle trigger. This package offers an illuminated viewfinder with 30mm rings, four Diablo arrows and a quiver and four-bolt bracket.

The Assassin 360 Strata is one of the most expensive models on our list. It differs only slightly from the original Assassin model at a price that is slightly lower than that offered by the original on the market. Either will provide the user with a precise and high-quality weapon. The Micro 315, based on the popular Micro 335 model, is unmatched in maneuverability and balance.

Its compact structure means that hunters can spend less cocking effort in small hunting spaces. Although it is a compact weapon, the Micro 315 offers great precision and performance. This compact option includes a riser with CRT Gen 2 limbs that allow bolt throwing in a lower range of up to 315 fps from a 10-inch power stroke. The stock has rubber grip inserts that ensure a firm and comfortable hold.

An ambidextrous cheek piece is part of the package, as well as an oversized trigger guard for hunting in cold temperatures. A dry fire safety system keeps the user safe when operating the leaf spring. Complete the package is a multireticle scope with 1-inch rings, four feather arrows, a rope cocking aid, and a four-arrow camouflage quiver with stand. The Micro 315 is reasonably priced considering its power, precision and complete package with amenities.

If you're looking for a compact crossbow and don't want to drain your credit card, this crossbow is worth considering. Hunters looking for a lightweight, compact weapon for small spaces can find the 308 Short perfect for their needs. Ideal for tree ponds and narrow blinds on the ground, the 308 Short is an excellent weapon for smaller frame hunters who need a product with a shorter shot length. At just 5.4 pounds, the 308 Short is a lightweight, recurve crossbow that is powerful despite being small.

With a shorter shooting length of 12.5 inches, it offers reliable and long-lasting performance with arrows that can be thrown up to 308 fps. The 308 Short comes with a Dead Zone scope with 1-inch rings, three Quill arrows, a rope cocking aid, and a three-arrow X-hanger quiver with a stand. This product is available at a fair price. If you are looking for a powerful but small weapon to practice or hunt, the 308 Short is a good choice.

Regardless of the circumstances, this will have you covered. At 25 inches wide, the Micro 335's limbs can shoot bursts of up to 335 fps, all with a 10-inch power stroke. The stock allows for a sense of security and control with rubber grips, and for the benefit of the user, an ambidextrous cheek piece and a cold weather trigger guard are included to help the shooter shoot down the biggest game possible. Weighing in at 5.2 pounds, the Micro 335 is ideal for small hunting locations and significant hunting results.

The Micro 335 package includes a standard Matrix string and a Dead Zone viewfinder with 1 inch rings. For the safety of the shooter, a dry fire protection system is available. The bow is also equipped with sound suppressors for silent shots and comes with four Quill arrows, a quiver and four-arrow holder and an auxiliary rope for cocking. The range is only valid up to 40 yards.

The Grizz 2 is an excellent tool for hunters who want a light weapon that offers solid performance and reliable accuracy. With its compact design, this weapon works well for hunters in tree and blind ponds and other narrow hunting spaces. This compact weapon weighs 5.5 pounds before adding accessories. Its lightness doesn't detract from its power, as the Grizz 2 can shoot bursts of up to 305 fps.

It is built with PowerLoad members, which are sixty percent stronger than average crossbow members. The added bands with limbs on all four sides improve the consistency and accuracy of this weapon. The Grizz 2 includes a lightweight skeletonized stock for easy handling and a fixed power viewfinder with a multi-range reticle with multilayer lenses; mounting accessories for the viewfinder are also included. A Matrix string increases the speed of shots and reduces creep.

Also part of the package are three Diablo screws, three of 150 gr. Field points, a rope cocking aid and a four-bolt quiver. The Grizz 2 is a compact crossbow at an exceptional price that is perfect for hunters and archers on a budget or someone who is a beginner crossbow. There is a lot of power available in this crossbow for a very low price.

Built on the popular Micro 335 platform, the Micro 355 delivers world-class hunting performance wrapped in a compact weapon thanks to its immense speed and power. With its maneuverability and reliability, the Micro 355 is fast, accurate and lethal when used in tight hunting spaces. With its riser and limbs, the Micro 355 crossbow can launch arrows up to 355 fps with a short 10-inch stroke. Power delivers exceptional speed in tight spaces, such as a bracket, blind or airtight cover.

At just 5.2 lbs without accessories, the Micro 355 is ideal for small areas and fast shooting. The Micro 355 package includes a skeletonized stock with rubber grips for secure control and feel, a cold weather trigger guard and an ambidextrous cheek piece. Also included is a dry fire protection system for the shooter's safety, a microrope and a recoil dissipation system that absorbs shocks. The package is completed with an illuminated viewfinder with 30 mm rings, a sound suppressor system, four Quill arrows, a four-arrow quiver with stand and a cocking aid for the rope.

The Excalibur Micro 355 is among the more expensive options on this list, but the price may be worth it for hunters who want a light weapon capable of speed and power in tight hunting spaces. Gun accuracy and illuminated range can tip the scales for buyers who disagree with this crossbow. Value and speed are the hallmarks of the Matrix G340, a weapon that delivers quality performance in a lightweight package. One of the most powerful options, the Matrix G340 is an ideal weapon for hunters on a budget or for beginners.

The Matrix G340 shoots arrows at speeds up to 340 fps. This speed originates from the quality construction of this part, which includes a weatherproof, lightweight and fiber-reinforced frame. Weighing 5.5 pounds, it weighs 230 pounds and has a power stroke of 15 ½ inches. The Matrix G340 offers a great crossbow experience in a lightweight, compact and high-quality recurve.

Better yet, it is provided at a very reasonable price, perfect for hunters looking for a deal or for shooters on a budget. The design of the Excalibur crossbows makes these crossbows accurate and reliable, so you can rely on them to work when you need to make your shot. Excalibur crossbows have been around for a long time, more than 30 years, they are a renowned and trusted brand among recurve crossbow hunters. Unless you are very familiar with the design of the crossbow, you will not be able to judge the condition of the crossbow used.

Seek the advice of as many impartial and experienced crossbow shooters as possible to find the right crossbow for you. A quick Google search for problems with the Excalibur crossbow will show some problems that people have had with their crossbows. . .

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