Why use a crossbow over a gun?

Crossbows are as versatile as guns when you shoot. You can shoot while sitting or kneeling, being camouflaged. Unlike a gun, there is almost no recoil when you shoot a crossbow. They're also quieter, giving you a chance to make another shot if you miss.

I have 2, the best one is a compound crossbow at 180 lbs of shot, with incredible arrow speed. I'm 60 years old with bad joints and I can fix it in a few seconds. It shoots so hard that I have to use bolts with metal shafts. Wood and fiberglass bolts break or break.

Bob Helt, it looks like you need to eat your spinach, when my daughter was 10 she got her first crossbow and she's never had trouble carrying her bow. The crossbows are silent except for the tremor of the fight that goes through the air. Target animals won't know what hit them even after death. Operating silently during the hunt allows you to be within shooting range of the target.

Both the gun and the crossbow are excellent options for use in survival situations. Both weapons have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. And your choice of the ideal weapon should depend on the type of SHTF situation you're facing. I also think you're on to something with the logistical cost of a weapon against Fletching was another specialized skill that was A) expensive and B) difficult.

And it also played an important role in the accuracy of the weapon in question. Therefore, in terms of supplying an army in the field, bows and crossbows had an additional cost that was reduced with the introduction of gunpowder weapons. But then again, gunpowder itself was something quite new, and it took a lot of innovation to make gunpowder cheap, effective and transportable. Crossbows are silent while guns are loud Firearms produce loud gunfire sounds.

As legitimate crossbow hunters will tell you, the maximum range of a crossbow falls between 25 and 50 yards. Fights for shooting in a crossbow can be homemade if not purchased, saving on the cost of hunting with a crossbow. Crossbows are more powerful than most bows, and the normal crossbow has the same base damage as a dahedral bow. While crossbows are not the best defensive weapon, they can be useful in a real survival situation.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage of crossbow hunting is the fact that crossbows are significantly larger and heavier than compound crossbows.

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